When a patient complains about headache, I always ask the patient to point the exact location; front, side, back, top, inside or whole head.


The reason is simple. All causes are different by locations. Different locations mean “Caused by different organs”. We also have to consider Exterior (outside of body) or Interior (inner body) or Combined. 


Some patient complains the head is hot. And ask me to touch and feel with my hand. This kind of headache doesn’t belong to migraine, tension or cluster headache like western diagnoses. The cause is HEAT.

Some complains the pain between eyebrows. I ask a question if patient has constipation. Many say yes. But they have never heard constipation can cause frontal headache. Some takes painkillers two times a day: morning and afternoon. Otherwise they can’t work due to headache in the job.

Some says headache by aneurysm. This finding is expensive as they have to test with MRI or CT scan. What is the solution after finding this? Most don’t choose brain surgery as they are scared of opening head. What do I do? I treat fast blood circulation of gallbladder on most cases as aneurysm was made due to poor blood circulation. Think of curved streams or rivers on plain field. Fast streams don’t make curved one. When you think about nature, you can get better answers.

Some says headache on vertex area. I usually find thinning hair on the vertex. Some complains heavy like wet towel on head. The cause is dampness.

Exterior or Interior

Exteriors are cold wind, hot temperature or damp weather like rain.

Interiors are Qi and blood deficiency, accumulation of Qi, blood or phlegm or food stagnation. 

Acupuncture and Herb

We treat all kinds of headaches by acupuncture and herb that are very effective. We also advise foods patients should avoid. 

As long as I remember, I have never unable to treat headaches. It just takes time, but not long.